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DC Adventure Film Fest: The Best Quotes from the Best Movies

September 13, 2016

One of my favorite blogs is Semi-Rad, so when I heard that Brendan Leonard would be at the DC Adventure Film Festival for a book signing, I found a babysitter, grabbed a girlfriend, and headed out for my idea of a rockin’ Saturday night. As expected, his talk was amazing. (Seriously, read his book.)

And the films were pretty awesome, too. Here’s some of my favorites.

1) Tom Seipp–A Mountain Journal Short


“I didn’t do the full twenty-four miles because I ended up vomiting at the top of a climb because I ate something dodgy. …I was wearing a jersey that said ‘Ride til you puke’ and guess what? I did exactly that.” –Tom Seipp, age 11

“Maybe, if your first ride was 4.8 miles, maybe next time just try that tiny bit harder, instead of five miles, you can ride fifty miles.” –Tom Seipp, age 11

2) The Risk of Regret

“Fear is a powerful thing. But regret…regret will really haunt you.”–88 year old man

“We are all at the mercy of life. …You have to move past that… The biggest risk is not taking any chances at all.”–88 year old man


3) Being Here

“But here, I feel like myself again. …I can see square into fear’s eyes, and understand it for what it is. Out here, I start to forget how society tells me I should look or feel.”

“Some people say that the wild in us is just as endangered as these wild landscapes.”

4) Juma of Itanda

“When the dam came…the rapids were gone. Yes, the dam created jobs, but it lasted for the time they were building the dam.”

“People in my village believe there are spirits in Itanda. The spirits stay on the water. When they wake up one day, and they realize their gods are not there anymore, and they want to know where those gods have gone.”

5) Ace and the Desert Dog

“People say you can learn a lot about love from a dog. …But they mean you should take the lessons you learned from a dog and apply them to relationships with people. I think learning to love a dog helps you become a better person all by itself.”



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