It’s All In Your Head

May 2, 2017


Janae over at Hungry Runner Girl asked something a few weeks ago, and it’s been on my mind ever since: How do you know you can do it? This caught me by surprise, because honestly, it’s never occurred to me to ask. I often tell myself I can do things, and then I go ahead and do them. But more often than not, I tell myself I can’t do something, and then it either takes me years to actually do it, or I don’t do it at all. What’s the difference?

Ever since the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler…(did I mention I ran a 10 mile race? Oh, I did? All the time?)…I’ve promised myself that I wouldn’t go back to my old ways. And by that I mean, three miles, three times a week. Why lose fitness that I worked so hard to gain? My new goal is to make 10 miles my base fitness, something I can easily do. I’ve been doing pretty well with it. I took a week off to take my daughters to Virginia Beach for Spring Break, and while I would have loved to fit in a few runs, those two cannot be left alone. Not if I expect them both to stay alive, anyway. So, clearly I have gone back a stride or two on fitness, but not all the way to three miles. Mostly.

On Friday my goal was 4.5 miles. It was 85 degrees and humid, so I said no to that and went for the treadmill. I made it exactly…2.5 miles. Not even a full three. I haven’t had that bad a run in a long time. And honestly, I don’t know why. Nothing really hurt, I wasn’t struggling for breath. It just felt hard. Like, legs-of-cement hard. So I gave up and called it a day.

On Monday I ran 4.5 miles, and I did the last quarter mile at a sprint. I felt good, at the end.

What was the difference between my fitness level on Friday and my fitness level two days later, on Monday? Nada.

It was all in my head.

On Friday, when things got bad, I thought I can’t, I can’t. It’s not like things felt great the whole way through on Monday. Somewhere around mile 3, I thought fuuuuuuuck. But what I told myself was, two more songs. Because anyone can make it through two more songs.

I wonder why I ever told myself I couldn’t.



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