Our Public Lands Are Threatened, or That Time I Turned Into A Fireball of Rage

May 16, 2017

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From the Department of the Interior:

“The U.S. Department of the Interior is conducting a review of certain National Monuments designated or expanded since 1996 under the Antiquities Act of 1906 in order to implement Executive Order 13792 of April 26, 2017. The Secretary of the Interior will use the review to determine whether each designation or expansion conforms to the policy stated in the Executive Order and to formulate recommendations for Presidential actions, legislative proposals, or other appropriate actions to carry out that policy. This Notice identifies twenty-seven National Monuments under review and invites comments to inform the review.”

Don’t kid yourself on this: We don’t need the oil and gas from drilling. What we need is a massive overhaul of our energy systems, from how we power our houses to how we power our cars. The technology is there. We just have to fully implement it. Will it be painful? Hell yes. Will it be expensive? Hell yes. Will it save us and our planet? Hell yes.

Please, please let your voice be heard–even though we know they aren’t truly listening. (Just ask the Navajo about who Zinke talked to about Bears Ears. They are purposefully seeking out a one-sided, money-grabbing view.) This is where we hike, climb, and play. This is where we lose ourselves, and find ourselves.

I am for progress, absolutely. I live in a city, and I love it. But it’s a human environment. (Well, humans, rats, and pigeons.) We need wild places so that the whole earth can thrive. Without diversity of life–plants, land, and animals–everything falls apart.

So what national monuments are being reviewed? Here’s the list:

National Monuments Being Initially Reviewed Pursuant to Criteria in Executive Order 13792
Monument Location Year(s) Acreage
Basin and Range Nevada 2015 703,585
Bears Ears Utah 2016 1,353,000
Berryessa Snow Mountain California 2015 330,780
Canyons of the Ancients Colorado 2000 175,160
Carrizo Plain California 2001 204,107
Cascade Siskiyou Oregon 2000/2017 100,000
Craters of the Moon Idaho 1924/2000 737,525
Giant Sequoia California 2000 327,760
Gold Butte Nevada 2016 296,937
Grand Canyon-Parashant Arizona 2000 1,014,000
Grand Staircase-Escalante Utah 1996 1,700,000
Hanford Reach Washington 2000 194,450.93
Ironwood Forest Arizona 2000 128,917
Mojave Trails California 2016 1,600,000
Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks New Mexico 2014 496,330
Rio Grande del Norte New Mexico 2013 242,555
Sand to Snow California 2016 154,000
San Gabriel Mountains California 2014 346,177
Sonoran Desert Arizona 2001 486,149
Upper Missouri River Breaks Montana 2001 377,346
Vermilion Cliffs Arizona 2000 279,568

That’s right, folks. THE FUCKING GRAND CANYON. Because that’s not worth saving, right?

Are we really going to sit back and watch this happen?

Hell no.

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