ESTETICA Magazine USA (3/2021)

Estetica Magazine is the world's leading hairdressing magazine. Founded in Italy in 1946 and published today in over 60 countries around the world, it is a global reference point for professionals working in the hair and beauty industry. Techniques, fashion, education and trends are at the core of every issue of Estetica Magazine. Further information about both the printed and digital versions of the magazine is available at www.esteticanetwork.com

Estetica Magazine is the world's leading hairdressing magazine. Founded in Italy in 1946 and published today in over 60 countries around the world, it is a global reference point for professionals working in the hair and beauty industry. Techniques, fashion, education and trends are at the core of every issue of Estetica Magazine. Further information about both the printed and digital versions of the magazine is available at www.esteticanetwork.com


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How to boost retail sales

with your clients in mind


The inspiration you need

to work your salon magic!


Live industry events are

back! See our reports!



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There is no denying that that Covid-19 pandemic threw the entire world into a

maelstrom. Politicians, global economies, health care systems, scientists... all the

experts were scrambling for solutions. And all in all, we have yet to find a definitive

one. But we are learning more and trying to adapt. Vaccines obviously helped to

Styling: Session Stylist

James Pecis

Products: Oribe Très Set

Structure Spray

reduce lockdowns so our lives could return to some semblance of “normality”, albeit

always at a distance and/or behind a mask.

In the meantime, we learned to

improvise: at home, at work, online. Our

routines changed and we have changed

with them, mostly for the better.

“More of me comes out

when I improvise.”

Edward Hopper

This issue celebrates our determination to “Improvise, adapt, and overcome” – as

Clint Eastwood said – from the return of live industry events like NAHA, ABS, and

the Wella Beauty Envision Awards, to the continued evolution of online education,

the reopening of salons, and the relentless creative efforts of individual artists. The

Hairdressing Industry has reacted with its signature resolve and creativity. Such a

vigorous return is a demonstration of the stuff this industry is made of.

Marie Scarano

Expanding hairdressing horizons:


Estetica n. 3/2021




Roberto Pissimiglia


Marie Scarano




Laura Castelli




Monica Tessari



Manuela Artosi


Davide Cardente



Nives Carena




Maggie Mulhern


Elisabet Parra,

Cristina Hernández


Michaela Dee


Marie Coccoluto


Gary Kelly


Lucia Preziosi,

Glorianna Vaschetto


Erica Balduini,

Ludovica Cavalli,

Erika Marchese,

Wilma Sommariva,

Trends Signature Looks 8

Events NAHA 2021 superstars 14

Report ABS is back! 16

Events BeautyEnvisionAwards 2021 20

Vision Endless inspiration 24

Retail A different perspective 82

Education Sam the Man in Education 86

Design Effortless luxury 88

international trends

Curl Mania 33

Iconic looks by top

international artists for



Events with VIPs, both

old and new, and salon

design for new business


Who's Who: cultivating

Education, Artistry,

and Inspiration.



RESTART: this will be the keyword for the next edition of Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna,

in Bologna from 10 th to 14 th March 2022.

The exhibition, the most representative event for the global cosmetic industry, will welcome

again the main players of the industry, from all over the world, offering the traditional itineraries

through the different sectors and distribution channels: from Thursday to Sunday, the event

will introduce the pavilions dedicated to the production chain of Cosmopack and to the retail

and perfumery segment of Cosmo Perfumery and Cosmetics, while from Friday to Monday

Bologna will welcome the professional operators with Cosmo Hair, Nail and Beauty Salon.

Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2022 will offer, in one event, all the key figures of the hair sector,

from companies to distributors, from hairdressers to hair salon owners, from trend experts

to international scale hairstylists. An appointment very much anticipated for the hair segment,

with stakeholders ready to meet again in person, after months of restrictions and distancing

rules, and share experiences and new projects, strengthen commercial relationships and discover

the new trends of the sector.

“The world of the hairstyle has been revolutionized by what

has happened in the last few months, – highlights Enrico

Zannini, General Manager of Cosmoprof Worldwide

Bologna. – The digitalization and the growth of e-commerce

have given a substantial boost to direct sales to consumers,

but at the same time, they represent a new important

challenge for the professional channel. Today, brands,

distributors and operators must join forces to re-establish

the quality of the sector and regain consumers’ loyalty.

Cosmoprof 2022 will bring the attention back to the

relationships between companies and hairdressers,

with the objective of encouraging consumers’ return

to hair salons and re-assert the value of the experience

and professionalism of hairstylists.”


The cosmetic industry is animated by a strong optimism:

after having demonstrated to be able to withstand the

unpredictable scenario of the recent months, entrepreneurs

are now ready to meet the market’s requirements with

innovations, quality and professionalism. Cosmoprof is the

perfect stage to start a new development path.

“Cosmoprof has its own magic that cannot be substituted

by a digital event. Barex Italiana will participate as always,

celebrating 53 years of presence at the exhibition and

continuing to consider it the most strategically important

exhibition on an international level,” says Carlo Baiesi,

founder and Managing Director of Barex Italiana. The

return of Cosmoprof Bologna symbolizes a new signal of

recovery, a step towards a (new) normality. Finally together

for a few days, with the desire for direct relationships, pawing

at the idea of showing to the public what we have been

creating. The pandemic will definitely impose new guidelines,

but it will not take away our wish to meet and tell.”

“Cosmoprof is surely a strategic presence for us to resume

conversations with our potential stakeholders and strengthen

past relationships after this long pandemic”, highlights

Davide Bollati, President of Davines Group, who pauses

on the need of a more sustainable approach for the sector.

“It becomes more and more evident that the only way to start

and accelerate the necessary transformation of our current

social-economic extractive model towards a new regenerative

paradigm is to create alliances and multilateral coalition.

These would work jointly to achieve the objective. For this

reason, we created the Regenerative Society Foundation,

of which I am the Vice-President, with the aim to promote a

dialogue between stakeholders on the topic of regenerative

economy, climate change and individual and collective

wellness as engine of the economy itself. Moreover,

it spreads knowledge and supports regeneration projects

in many sectors and geographies. We recently announced

the partnership with Rodale Institute in the field of organic

regenerative agriculture. The new Davines Group – Rodale

Institute European Regenerative Organic Center, starting from

next autumn, will include an area of 10 hectares around

the Davines Village in Parma and will concentrate its activities

on the tight relationship between agriculture and the

cosmetic sector”.

Many are the companies that at Cosmoprof Worldwide

Bologna will present new projects and growth plans. “This

difficult time represented a great challenge for everyone.

We took advantage of this forced break to bring forward our

corporate and market expansion plans, as well as product

development, – highlights Nico Parnazzini, Chief Executive

Officer of Nuova Fapam. “We look forward to sharing these

while finally participating in person to exhibitions that are

fundamental for collaboration and exchange, especially for

a dynamic sector such as the beauty and cosmetic one.

Our company was recently at the center of a development

project that included a commercial and corporate expansion

plan, which saw the involvement of Mandarin Capital Partners

fund. An important challenge that aims high. We started and we

did it with a broad-spectrum vision. “

Oyster Cosmetics too started a transformation process in the

last few months, adapting themselves to the new market needs.

Dimitri Markomichelakis, Marketing Director of OYSTER

COSMETICS Spa, offers a detailed picture of the ongoing

process: “The company launched a new medium/long-term

development plan, both industrial and strategic, aimed to

internationalize and boost the 3 main areas of business:

Professional, Consumer and Private Label. During these times

of cuts and reductions, Oyster Cosmetics implemented the

Strategic-Operative Marketing and the Sales Management Italia,

with the integration of two new managers with many years of

experience in the cosmetic sectors and of 14 agents specialized

in the Consumer channel. We will therefore continue to attend

international exhibitions to promote our multichannel and

multibrand identity”.

The return of in-person exhibitions is a key element for

companies leaders of the hair segment, to resume normal

business relationships. To highlight this aspect is Daniela

Moroni, Export Manager of Pool Service. “Participating

in OnBeauty and in Cosmoprof 2022 is for us a synonym of

optimism and great enthusiasm. It has been a few months since

we started feeling the need of our hairstylists to meet ag

ain and participate in live shows to develop their creativity.

The concept that the Hair Company Professional’s stylists

will bring on stage refers to the idea of “duality”, inspired by

the contrasting feelings that we experience on a daily basis,

exploding in versatile looks that convey a new self-concept”. This

event has always been the meeting point for the main players

of the professional hair sector and this year more than ever

it symbolizes the beginning of a new birth and a new start.”

Keep following us for updates on Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna!

For more information www.cosmoprof.com








10 – 13 MARCH 2022

11 – 14 MARCH 2022


BolognaFiere Cosmoprof S.p.a.

Milan, Italy

P +39 02 796 420

F +39 02 795 036




Signature Looks

Every stylist and colorist the world over has created that one

special iconic look which they identify with most.

Gary Kelly and Marie Scarano

It’s that very special piece of work which they feel defines who they are as a hair creative in terms of their

skill and creativity. We asked just a few of our favourite contributors from the UK and the USA to tell us

more about their own unique Signature Look and what inspired them to create such an outstanding image.


“Editorial style updos have been my sort of personal signature look since 2017 when this image was shot. I love creating the unexpected.

Here there is contradiction between the square lines on the side and the “curl mohawk” on top. It’s hard and soft at the same time (another

contradiction). The look is strong, but the hair still just looks like looped silk. This image is from my first solo collection shot in NYC, and I

have a sentimental attachment as well since I live in the city. Components of this style have been used in a multitude of different collections,

so I feel like it was the first of a little trend setter. This look is one of the few that I don’t have self-criticism about. Often, I look at my work

and “wish” i had done something differently, but when it comes to this style, it feels just perfect to me.” – Mirza Batanovic, USA

Hair: Mirza Batanovic for Eufora/Photo: Richard Monsieurs/Make-up: Alecia Butchko/Wardrobe: Jennifer Daniels


“Having spent so much time doing session work, its quite hard when it comes to defining my own signature style. When I created

my first collection, KILLER, I described it as uncategorizable, which I believe I am when it comes to cutting, styling and color. This

particular shot is part of that collection of images and I’ve chosen it as I believe it will maintain the element of timelessness in its

simplicity and understatement.” Adam Reed, UK

Hair: Adam Reed at Adam Reed London/Make-up: Lan Nguyen Grealis

Photo: Alex Barron Hough/Fashion: Gabriel Cooper

8 trends


“My signature look would have to be represented by clean work, it doesn't matter if it's up work,

cutting, color, runway, or high style – it has to be clean. Much of my inspiration comes from artists I

admire – Gaudi, Picasso and Dali – their approach to shape and design is mind blowing. With such

a beautiful foundation in art how can you not want to be part of that? A great haircut surrounded

with an amazing colour and style is always a good way to start I always try to push the edge, I believe

it’s our responsibility to keep things fresh, runway, editorial and high fashion are always full of

surprises, take your time, keep it clean and be the artist you want to be.” – Michael Haase, USA.

Hair: Michael Haase/Photo: Nick Berardi/Wardrobe: Onna Suhovy


“I would describe my signature style as looks which combine our brand ethos of style, beauty and expertise. I

am always drawn towards beautiful and simple shapes and colors that really have the consumer in mind,

demonstrating inspirational and aspirational hair for both hairdressers and clients alike. This image shot for

my Chromatic collection is a perfect representation of the Russell Eaton brand ethos. It celebrates the classic

bob and the lines and shapes that can be created with it. The key with this image was to show two different

fringes – one strong and sharp, the other a lot more broken up to show different types of texture within a bob.

Hair: Robert Eaton, Creative Director at Russell Eaton Salons/Photo: Richard Miles

Makeup: Lucy Flower/Styling: Clare Frith/Products: Wella Professionals


The V is an iconic Sam Villa style that focuses on the art of disconnection, a discipline highlighted in

his education.. With disconnection, stylists master the under layering, sectioning, and positioning

needed to create modern looks with volume, movement, and hidden texture. Forget perfect ends and

symmetrical shapes, it’s about customization, creativity, angular discrepancies, and natural finishes. As

Sam says, “The past is where we learn, the present and future is where we apply it.” – Sam Villa, USA

Hair: Sam Villa, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Sam Villa and Global Artistic Ambassador for Redken

Photo: Xander Angeles / Haircolor: George Garcia / Make-up: David Frank Ray


“Why red as my signature? Red hair expresses vibrancy and life. I like the strength of reds. Women feel

bold and strong with an amazing haircut topped off with a red that works for them. Achieving this feeling

for guests quickly became the basis for my signature of sharper lines accompanied by a full palette of

show-stopping reds. Why play it safe when it comes to hair colour? If my guest is ready to be bold and

beautiful... I am the one to take her there!” – Joanne Rempel, USA

Hair Colour: Joanne Rempel for Eufora/Haircut: Philip Carreon/Photo: Evan Duning/Makeup: Nina Reminder

124 trends trends 125


“I’m a haircutter and that’s why I chose this look as my signature look. I love the bob shape, but it has a twist with the waves and the

short rounded but slightly broken fringe. The waves add a freshness and a contemporary edge to the bob shape, with the short fringe

being the perfect foil for the models beautiful eyes. There was no doubt that this should be a black and white image, the monotone

contrasts showcase the shape and the outline of the hair.” – Bruno Marc, UK

Hair: Bruno Marc Giamattei @Marc Antoni Salons/Photo: Jamie Blanshard/Make-up: Katie Moore

Styling: Bernard Connolly/Products: JOICO


“This look is all about effortless beauty and confidence – strong yet feminine. It’s the perfect ponytail but it’s simple and sexy, not twee

and over-styled. I knew I would be shooting in black and white, so the color had to be a striking blonde to illuminate the look and

make a real statement. The cut is pretty with an edgy texture, while effortlessly pulled back with leather hair wraps to signify strength.

This look was inspired by the cool, raw and untouched sexiness of 90’s Calvin Klein and Vera Wang; total understated confidence. I

wanted the image to encapsulate the Tim Scott-Wright brand - simple but beautiful with maximum impact. Our salon brand is about

beautiful commercial hair. We create hair that reflects a Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar front cover. The 90s theme was a playful nod

to the big ad campaigns of the era – a time that inspired my professional career greatly. Kate Moss, Helena Christensen and Linda

Evangelista remain my fashion icons and I hope the image does the point of reference justice.” – Tim Scott Wright, UK

Hair: Tim Scott Wright Art Team/ Photo: James Nicklin/Make up: Stacey Ellen Simpson

Styling: Tim Scott Wright Art Team



“Texture is absolutely my signature look. They call me the "texture queen" for a reason. My whole career has been defined by

texture. It began when I started in a salon that worked primarily with afro texture hair. When I moved back to Seattle in the 80's

I started perming everyone... and they listened. Before long, it was what I was known for in our industry. There's no looking back

now. Texture is a broad term, and the shapes may change with the seasons, but texture is the constant. What makes texture my

signature is how I enhance a curl pattern with cut and colour. Shape can be a profile, but it can also be internalized and reflected

back out through individualized style choices.” – Lisa Vann, USA

Hair Color, Cut and Style: Lisa Vann, Vann Studio, Seattle, WA for Eufora/ Photo: David Rossa, Denver CO.

Make Up Artist: Hannah Vann, Vann Studio, Seattle, WA/Model: Brittany Mason, Los Angeles, CA





I have chosen a shot from the Persona collection I created for my British Hairdresser of the Year nomination in 2018. It was

difficult to choose as each shot had a strong backstory – this was chosen as I loved the mood and hair content. I wanted to create

an unexpected religious character, captured in black and white, aged with history. To get this shot – the model lay on the floor

and I applied product to direct the hair into what would be conceived as a ‘anti-gravity’ shape. For me it’s important to surround

yourself with like-minded people and on this shoot I had the dream team, a family that saw my vision. Creating this collection was

one of my most memorable times, tapping into boundaries without restrictions! This whole story is what I love about our craft,

how we can create characters with authenticity in hair, fashion, makeup. Art is always subjective I know, but I love things that

challenge the mind.” – Darren Ambrose, UK

Hair: Darren Ambrose @ D&J Ambrose/Photo: Jenny Hands/Make-up: John Christopher

Fashion: Anne Shore and Jackie Ambrose


“This photo is my all-time fave and my best signature look, I love everything about this photo. Firstly,

orange and blue are my favourite colors, I love that they have contrast and harmony all at the same

time. The wardrobe stylist I worked with totally captured my concept of a strong black leather outfit

that was sexy, unique and delicate at the same time. The hair is clean and not complicated and has a

strong impact. I added the change of direction in the front to create more interest. I do love this

image and I think it speaks to me and who I am as an artist very well.” – Dana Lyseng, USA

Hair: Dana Lyseng/Photo: Greg Swales/Make-up: Amber-Rae Mensing

Wardrobe: Ivanka Skrypnyk/Products: Wella Professionals


“This image was from our second in a series of exciting, more commercial campaign shoots – it was a great

exercise for me as it was important to retain the element of commerciality whilst injecting a bit of ‘wow’. I

have chosen this photo as my signature style – as there still nothing more popular in the Mark Leeson salons

than the bob – but by adding modern coloring techniques to this timeless classic cut – it brings a dynamic,

fresh youthfulness.” – Mark Leeson, UK

Hair: Mark Leeson @ Mark Leeson/Photo: Richard Miles/Make-up: Lan Nguyen Grealis Fashion M&R



NAHA 2021


Best Styling & Finishing Winner: Michelle O'Connor / Photo: Roberto Ligresti

NAHA continues to honor the beauty industry’s creative

talents who push the boundaries of skill and creativity.

The Professional Beauty Association (PBA) once again announced the winners of the 2021 edition of

the North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA), the beauty industry’s most prestigious

competition in North America. The event held at Mandalay Bay Resort and Convention Center

during Cosmoprof North America (CPNA) in Las Vegas featured A-list celebrity stylist and Living

Proof Global Creative Director Michael Shaun Corby as well as artistic presentations by Silas Tsang

and the Ulta Beauty Pro Team. “This was an unprecedented year for NAHA, yet the heightened

creativity and sheer artistry represented were among the most impressive in the competition’s

history,” shares Nina Daily, PBA’s Executive Director. “The industry rallied to channel energy into

groundbreaking innovation and camaraderie, and we couldn’t be prouder of the winners, finalists

and everyone who put so much passion and energy into making tonight such a success.”

14 events


NAHA celebrates the industry's leading talent and features 15 categories of excellence across hair and makeup artistry, including the new Inspiring Salon of the

Year and Educator of the Year award categories. Congratulations to all the talented and deserving finalists and winners!

Avant Garde – Sharie Valcin | Editorial Stylist of the Year – Danielle Keasling | Educator of the Year – Sam Villa | Haircolor – Suzanne Sturm | Haircutting –

Stephen Moody | Hairstylist of the Year – Silas Tsang | Inspiring Salon of the Year – Square Colour Salon + Spa | Makeup Artist of the Year – Nohemi Capetillo

| Master Hairstylist of the Year – Ruth Roche | Men's Hairstylist of the Year – Nieves Almaraz| #NAHAMoment – Lauren Moser | Student Hairstylist of the Year

– Alisha Kemp | Styling and Finishing- Nick Stenson | Team of the Year- Julie Vriesinga | Texture- Ammon Carver |

Avant Garde Winner: Sharie Valcin

Photo: Nohemi Capetillo

Editorial Stylist of the year Winner: Danielle Keasling

Photo: Zoe Christina Welsh

Hair Color Winner: Suzanne Sturm / Photo: Babak

Hair Color Winner: Stephen Moody / Photo: Nick Berardi

Hairstylist of the Year Winner: Silas Tsang

Photo: John Rawson

Makeup Artist of the Year Winner: Nohemi Capetillo

Photo: Nohemi Capetillo

Men's Hairstylist of the Year Winner: Nieves Almaraz

Photo: Joseph Castleberry

Student Hairstylist of the Year Winner: Alisha Kemp

Photo: Keith Bryce

Styling and Finishing Winner: Nick Stenson

Photo: Richard Monsieurs

Texture Winner: Ammon Carver

Photo: Richard Monsieurs

Team of the Year Winner: Salon Entrenous

Photo: Paula Tizzard

Master Hairstylist of the Year Winner: Ruth Roche

Photo: Joseph Cartright

The North American Hairstylist Awards are the beauty industry’s most prestigious

photographic competition in North America. Photos courtesy of PBA.


is back!

America’s Beauty Show by Cosmetologists Chicago

reunited licensed beauty professionals for three wonderful

days of in-person education, discovery, and community.

The balmy days of late

summer in the usually

windy city of Chicago

made it possible to

celebrate the grand

opening of America's

Beauty Show outdoors!

On Saturday, Sunday and Monday, September 11-13, attendees at America's Beauty Show took in

education from a star-studded lineup on color, cutting, barbering, nails, business, wellness, extensions

and more. Top names in beauty, including The Ulta Beauty Pro Team, Larisa Love, Olivia Smalley, Lala

Chihaia, Matty Conrad, Nick Arrojo, Presley Poe, Sydney Lopez, and Jessica Scott. were among the

many influential educators. A total of more than 20 FREE CEU classes were offered to ticket holders!

Moreover, the required classes on sexual assault and domestic violence were offered.

On the exhibit floor, new beauty brands were discovered and favorites in haircare, skincare and

nailcare were showcased. More than 210 exhibitors served attendees with deals and new products,

including Amika, Farouk Systems Inc., “CHI”, ERGO STYLING TOOLS, HALOCOUTURE, Gelish

& Morgan Taylor, Malina, Donna Bella Hair Extensions, Hattori Hanzo Shears, Johnny B. Hair

Care, Apres Nails, Wahl, Blackpants, Tony Odisho, Oya, Light Elegance, Mia Secret and many more.

America’s Beauty Show 2021 co-located with the International Esthetics Cosmetics and Spa

Conference (IECSC), which featured skincare, spa and makeup exhibits on a dynamic and

interactive show floor. Spa pros accessed hundreds of exhibitors and new targeted learning tracks.

Additionally, the Data-Driven Salon Summit for salon owners and managers co-located with ABS.

Remember to register for next year's fabulous gathering at America's Beauty Show!

16 report


America’s Beauty Show 2021 featured two nights of outdoor, live entertainment and fireworks in the Rosemont Entertainment

District. Attendees reunited safely and comfortably as they partied with colleagues and industry friends. Cosmetologists

Chicago is the non-profit force that has produced America’s Beauty Show for 98 years strong. With thousands of members,

Cosmetologists Chicago is an inclusive community that supports all licensed beauty professionals. Join them in their mission to

serve licensed beauty professionals, students, schools, salon/spa owners, beauty distributors and manufacturers.













Raphael Perrier Presents


IrIna Baranova Presents


Date: March 6-7-2022

Melia Hotel, Milan, Italy





The show must – and did! – go on. Celebrating beauty

from head to toe, The Wella Company brought throngs of

beauty industry pros together in Las Vegas. Maggie Mulhern

20 events

It was an end of summer beauty festival for the Wella Company as the brand celebrated creativity,

inspiration and perfection with a show and competition. The event took place in Las Vegas and included

salon professionals from the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. Thirty-three hair and nail artists

participated in the Beauty Envision Awards (BEA), presented by TrendVision at the Aria Resort and Casino.

Despite the obstacles of these past 18 months, more than 3,600 beauty enthusiasts entered the competition.

“This year’s competition received the second highest number of entries from the past ten years,” said Wella

Company CEO Annie Young-Scrivner. “These artists are proof that this industry is unstoppable and we’re so

happy to be back educating and inspiring beauty professionals live in Las Vegas.”

The competitors used “Chrysalis” as a theme and inspiration in their imagery, evoking the transformation of

a butterfly or moth emerging into a new state of growth - a perfect nod to all of us dealing with sporadic and

sometimes extensive world-wide pandemic lockdowns.

Indeed, putting the show together during a pandemic was made possible by the expertise of Carole Protat,

Senior Director of Brand Education, Artists & Events. “Making the decision was the hardest part,” she says.

“We put this together in just 3 short months. We had to think fast. We kept the audience small, just 250 when

normally we would have ten times that many. We made last minute adjustments to keep everyone safe.” These

included pre-testing, on-site testing, proof of vaccination and masks. “Shows like this are important.

Here we get to inspire, learn, coach, mentor. It’s about coming together to celebrate our craft and our people.

Our industry is about connection, so the show did go on.”

US “TRENDVISION COLOR ARTIST” sponsored by Wella Professionals

Emma Hancock


CA “TRENDVISION COLOR ARTIST” sponsored by Wella Professionals

Regan Wasson


US “TRENDVISION CREATIVE ARTIST” sponsored by Wella Professionals

Akela Douglass, @akelashairstudio

CA “TRENDVISION CREATIVE ARTIST” sponsored by Wella Professionals

Olivia Chafe


“EDITORIAL ARTIST” sponsored by Sebastian Professional

Aisha Al-Hasan


“BARBER ARTIST” sponsored by SebMan

Shelwin Jafet


“TOTAL TRANSFORMATION” sponsored by Kadus Professional

John Nguyen



Sara Lopez


“NAIL ARTIST” sponsored by OPI

Amy Hwang @aymehnails

“NATURAL TEXTURE ARTIST” sponsored by Clairol Professional

Jacqualine Fermin


“FUTURE STAR ARTIST” Sponsored by WellaEducation

Elnaz Arman, @8llena


As the Wella Company’s Beauty Envision Awards wrapped up, ESTETICA caught up with new CEO Annie

Young-Scrivner to grab answers to some pressing questions:

You’ve been CEO of Wella Company for how long?

Nine of the fastest months of my life! I became CEO on December 1, 2020, the day Wella Company became

an independent, standalone company. It’s been an amazing ride ever since! And I am so happy to finally be

able to attend my first live hair show.

What did you think?

I was blown away by the artistry and creativity of the competitors and the artistic teams. As you’d expect from Wella,

the color work was stunning, but just as remarkable was the styling with our Sebastian and Nioxin products. And the

nails! I understand why OPI is the choice of so many nail professionals. I also loved talking to the artists, the judges,

the competitors and their mentors. It was great to learn what inspires them and what they need from Wella Company

to help them continue to grow.

Wella Company has held successful digital events throughout the pandemic. Why did you decide to do this event live?

The beauty industry is all about connection on a deep human level, and we have missed so much of that. All

over the world, we talk about the Wella family, and we have a sense of belonging that extends to our salons

and our beauty professionals. We knew we wanted to reconnect in a family reunion, so we assessed the

situation and built an event that brought us together in the safest possible way. Of course, we were able to share the experience

through our digital platforms, but there was something magical about all being together to celebrate the craft and art of beauty.

Coming into the holiday season, what’s your outlook on salon business?

I’m extremely optimistic. Salons all over the world are still ramping up after the lockdowns. Clients have a new appreciation for the

expertise of their salon professional and have shown that they are willing to pay the price for excellent services. Tipping has been

outstanding, pre-books are through the roof – and this is only the beginning of our biggest season.

What’s on your hair and nails right now?

My hair? I can’t tell you now, but it’s a new Wella in-salon service that will launch early next year. And on my nails, OPI’s Velvet

Vision Gel Effects, with magnets to create translucent shimmer that looks different from every angle. I love the glamor!

The evening also featured creative performances by the Wella Company artistic teams. Wella Professionals

Ambassadors Briana Cisneros, Zach Mesquit and Dereq Clark presented “Creative Rebellion” which was

described as looking at the world through the lens of change, a renaissance of color and a rebellious creativity

with the goal to spark a new beginning. The #TogetherWeRise team of Omar Antonio, Johannie Jacquitte

and Anthony Cress offered a powerful presentation that Antonio described as “A journey through the

passion and anger of protesting (fire), the eerie silence and fear of a shelter in place (smoke/ash) and the

promise of hope for tomorrow (rebirth).” Both teams used beauty in a timely and ultimately optimistic way.

Winners received a variety of cash prizes and products, as well as attendance to the International

TrendVision Awards Creative Retreat for the US & CA Color and Creative artists.

BEA Judges

(L-R) Judges Patricia Nikole @paintedhair, Jenny Bui

@nailson7th, Keya Neal@keyaartistically, Gerard

Scarpaci @gerardscarpaci, Sonya Dove @sonyadove.

Dove points out that anyone entering a competition

should be in it for the experience, not the end result.

“Pulling together the team and collaborating is energizing.

It can bring out an inner passion, igniting

inspiration and creativity.”

Above: Crowning Glory. Models presented by

Wella Professionals Ambassador Zack Mesquit inspired

those present during the Beauty Envision Awards, presented

by the Wella Company’s TrendVision.

Right: Omar Antonio with one of his stunning creations.



Rich tones of ruby, amethyst,

emerald, and sapphire further

enhanced by amplified

dimensions. Elegance is no

longer only black & white.

Hair & Wardrobe: Dana Lyseng

Photo: Kale Friesen

MUA: Melissa Jones

Products: Wella Professionals



Best of


“Opposites and


Contemporary and

timeless. Akin but




26 vision

“The female of the

species, sometimes

subtle, sometimes

fierce, always


Best of


A female warrior is someone who

defends core values.Whatever her role,

she achieves greatness by standing her

ground and pushing for change

Hair: Katie Bruce, Eufora Eductor

Photo: Robert Colameta

Make-up: Sherry Janeczko

Whether effortless lengths or

super chic and sophisticated

volumes and contrasts, your

hair look should be as true to

you as you are to yourself.

Hair, make-up, and photo:

Michael Haase. Wella Top Artist

Wardrobe: left, Michael Haase;

right: Petra Mueller @


Best of


“What’s in a name?

Boho Chic, Flower

Child, or Fantasy

– always a tribute

to beauty and

style. Your style”



30 vision

“Timeless looks

that will be

forever in

fashion and

forever evolve.

Images that

create a story...”

Best of


This is our Story.....“Spotlight”.

Hair Colour: David Vendittelli

Hair cut/style: Marilyn Vendittelli

Photo: Kale Friessen

Make-up: Meghan Bell

Salon INdustry Hair and Esthetics

Ontario Canada

Products: Goldwell Elumen, KMS Moist

Repair Revival Cream, Shine Spray



“Curls are like a box of chocolates - you never

know which type you’re going to get.”

Lorraine Massey



“I ricci sono come una scatola di cioccolatini,

non sai mai quale tipo prenderai.”

„Locken sind wie eine Schachtel Pralinen.

Man weiß nie, welchen Typ man bekommt.”

“Les boucles. C’est comme se retrouver devant une boite

de chocolat. On ne sait jamais lequel on va choisir.”

“Los rizos son como una caja de bombones,

nunca sabes de qué forma los tendrás.”

Hair: Team Jacques Moisant Paris

Photo: Hiroki Taguma

Make-up: Yusaku Nakahara

They're timeless, elegant and softly seductive

in a way that transcends the confines of

conventional hair fashion trends. Imagine

your perfect on-screen heroine from that

most dreamy of period dramas – perhaps

an adaptation by Jane Austin or Charlotte

Brontë. Doubtless she will have clouds of soft

curly hair piled on top of her head!

Sono senza tempo, eleganti e dal

tocco seducente, tali da trascendere il

convenzionale dei trend coiffure. Immaginate

la vostra eroina ideale apparire sullo schermo

da uno di quei drammi d’epoca da sogno

– magari un adattamento di Jane Austin o

Charlotte Brontë... Senza dubbio il suo capo

sarà ricoperto di soffici nuvole di ricci!

Sie sind zeitlos, elegant und sanft

verführerisch auf eine Weise, die die Grenzen

konventioneller Haar-Trends überschreitet.

Stellen Sie sich Ihre perfekte Heldin auf

dem Bildschirm vor, im verträumtesten

aller historischen Dramen – vielleicht eine

Adaption von Jane Austin oder Charlotte

Brontë. In jedem Fall türmt sich eine

Wolke aus weichem, lockigem Haar auf

ihrem Kopf auf!

Intemporelles. Elégantes. Toujours

séduisantes. Elles sont hors des conventions

et des tendances coiffure. Imaginez votre

héroïne préférée apparaître au sein d'un

sublime film d'époque, dans un mélange

de Jane Austin et Charlotte Brontë. Sans

aucun doute, elle sera parée d'une chevelure

magnifiquement composée de délicates

boucles vaporeuses.

Son atemporales, elegantes y suavemente

seductores, de una manera que trasciende

los límites de las tendencias convencionales

de la moda del cabello. Imagina a tu heroína

cinematográfica de los dramas de época;

tal vez una adaptación de Jane Austin o

Charlotte Brontë. ¡Sin duda tendrá nubes de

cabello suave y rizado sobre su cabeza!

Art direction: Constance Laporte

Photo: Antoine Delage

Make-up: Celine Hum

Hair: G. Tentillier,

A. Dieu, F. Debruxelles

Photo: Pawel Wylag

Make-up: Izabela Szelagowska

Products: MK Production

Hair: Alba Andreu

@ Salones Carlos Valiente

Photo: Esteban Roca

Make-up: Nacho Sanz

Styling: Art Team

Hair: Gogen Team

Photo: Alessandro Abei

Make-up: Claudia Ferri

Styling: Edoardo De Giorgio

Hair: Marc Antoni Artistic Team

Photo: Jamie Blanshard

Products: Joico

Photo Getty Images

As Bonnie says, you can't beat

them, so why try and fight a losing

battle!? Curls are a naturally

beautiful gift and girls around the

globe are learning to embrace

them as their finest asset.

Come dice Bonnie, non puoi

batterli, quindi perché provare a

combattere una battaglia già

persa in partenza?! I ricci sono un

meraviglioso dono della natura e

le donne di tutto il mondo stanno

imparando ad apprezzarli come la

loro migliore risorsa.

Wie Bonnie schon sagt, kann man

sie nicht zähmen, warum also in

einen ausweglosen Kampf ziehen?!

Locken sind ein Geschenk der

Natur. Immer mehr Frauen weltweit

umarmen ihre Locken als ihr bestes


Comme le souligne Bonnie, si tu ne

peux pas te battre, pourquoi se

mettre à lutter pour une bataille

perdue d'avance. Les boucles sont

un merveilleux don de la nature.

Toutes les femmes du monde sont

en train de revaloriser leurs plus

belles ressources personnelles.

Como dice Bonnie, si no puedes

vencerlos ¿por qué enfrentarse a

una batalla perdida? Los rizos son

un regalo naturalmente hermoso y

las mujeres de todo el mundo están

aprendiendo a abrazarlos y

considerarlos como su mejor activo.

“For years

I have been

trying to


my hair, but I

have reached

a stage where

I think: I have

curly red hair,

and it’s really


Bonnie Langford

Hair: Rebecca Dickenson

Photo: John Rawson

Make-up: Maddie Austin

Styling: Jamie Russell

Hair & Products: Elgon

Creative Direction: Toni Pellegrino

Artistic Direction: Salvo Binetti

Photo: Domen & Van de Velde

Products: Redken, Kérastase,

L'Oréal Professionnel

Hair: Mitù

Photo: Lorenzo Sampaolesi

Make-up: Claudia Ferri

Products: Wella

Hair: Lucca & Yvan Estatoff

Photo: Bruno Estatoff

Make-up: Morgane Guillet

“ Curly hair

expresses a

particular beauty

not without

restlessness: in

their shapes they

have something

of the wind

and the swirling

of the waters.”

Fabrizio Caramagna

“Curly hair is

as beautiful as

it is demanding.”


Left page.


Hair & Styling: Ivan Rodriguez

Photo: Luis Arzate

Make-up: T. Peralta

& G. del Toro


Hair: Amine Badaoui

Photo: Loris Hug

“They say the hair

is everything, you

know. Have you

ever buried your

nose in a mountain

of curls... just

wanted to go to

sleep forever?

Or lips... and when

they touched, yours

were like... that

first swallow of

wine... after you just

crossed the desert.”

Al Pacino

In this page.


Hair: Thierry Lothmann

Photo: Jules Egger

Make-up: Émeline Marret


Hair: Elise Antoine

Photo: Pawel Wylag

Make-up: Natasza Bigos

Hair: team Contrasto/Photo: Marco Di Filippo

Color: Alessandro Fiorin - Gionathan Contino, Fanola Technical Team

Art Direction: David Katchadourian & Pascal Latil

Hair: Alexandra Grey Team/Photo: Pascal Latil

Hair: Jose Urrutia/Photo: Esteban Roca/Make-up: Nacho Sanz

Hair: Alessandro Bonetto/Photo: Arianna Borsarelli /Make-up: Arianna Scapola

Art Direction: Tom Connell

Photo: Jon Gorrigan

Make-up: Jose Bass

Styling: Steph Stevens

Products: Davines

Hair: Let Lew

Photo: Richard Miles

Make-up: Zoe Cornwell

Styling: Amy Still

Hair: Éric Zemmour

Photo: Stéphane Gagnard

Make-up: Kelly McClain

Products: L’Oréal Pro,

Babyliss Pro, Mizutani scissors

Hair: The Artistic Team Inebrya

Photo: Filippo Fortis

Hair: Anna Barroca

Photo: David Arnal

Make-up: Anna González

Styling: Ikka’s & Yons

Hair: Mikel Luzea

Photo: David Arnal

Make-up: Alicia Najera

Products: Revlon Professional

From the tightest of corkscrews

to the softest, most undulating

of waves, curly hair encompasses

so much of an individual's

personality: it's a statement which

demands to be noticed, to be

commented on and, perhaps above

all, to be adored.

Dal tirabaci più avvitato a quello più

morbido, la più ondeggiante delle

onde: i capelli ricci racchiudono

così tanto della personalità di un

individuo: sono un’affermazione

che pretende di essere notata,

commentata e, forse prima di ogni

altra cosa, di essere amata.

Von kleinsten Korkenzieherlocken

bis hin zu sanftesten Wellen,

lockiges Haar zeigt so viel

Persönlichkeit: Es ist ein

aufmerksamkeitsstarkes Statement,

das kommentiert und vielleicht

vor allem verehrt werden will.

Hair: Ulta Beauty Pro Team

De la boucle la plus serrée et à la

plus souple. Des ondulations tout

en délicatesse. Les cheveux frisés

regorgent de mille personnalités.

Une affirmation individuelle qu'il

est indispensable de mettre en

valeur, de chouchouter, et bien-sûr


Desde el rizo más ensortijado

hasta las ondas más suaves y

onduladas, el cabello rizado

muestra gran parte de la

personalidad de un individuo: es

una declaración que exige ser

notada, comentada y, quizás sobre

todo, adorada.

“I was born

with curly

hair. It fits my


and totally


who I really


Photo Getty Images

Erin Wasson

Hair: Thomas Hills

Photo: Richard Miles

Make-up: Jo Sugar

Styling: Bernard Connolly

Art direction: A. Cruzel

& M. Pacheco

Photo: Pascal Latil

Make-up: Mariana Miteva

Styling: Véronique Suchet

Creative direction: Gogen team

for Alter Ego Italy International

Photo: Marco Di Filippo

Make-up: Trine Marie Skauen

Hair: Richard Ashforth

Producer: Live Fashion Hair

Photo: Vishal Baharani

Styling: Maison Yolé

Make-up: Yely Rodríguez

“People always expect

more of you when you

have naturally curly hair!”

Kyra Sundance

Hair: Richard Ashforth

Producer: Live Fashion Hair

Photo: Alfonso Bravo

Styling: Rubén DLima

Makeup: Juan Castañeda

“If your hair is

done properly

and you’re

wearing good

shoes, you can

get away with


Iris Apfel

Hair: Tyler Johnston, Lesley Jennison/Photo: Simon Emmet

Make-up: Helge Branscheidt, Lisa Breitfeld

Products: Schwarzkopf Professional

Hair: Éric Zemmour/Photo: Stéphane Gagnard

Make-up: Kelly McClain/Products: L’Oréal Pro, Babyliss Pro, Mizutani scissors

“ Nobody is really

happy with what’s

on their head.

People with straight

hair want curly,

people with curly

want straight, and

bald people want

everyone to be blind. ”

Rita Rudner

Hair: Andrew Smith

Photo: Richard Miles

Make-up: Louise Lerego

Styling: Magdalena Jacobs

Hair: Daniel Gallego/Photo: Esteban Roca

Hair: Juliette den Ouden/Photo: Michelle van Dijk/Make-up: Juliette den Ouden

Hair: Pierre Ginsburg for Revlon Professional

Photo: Louis Piquemilf/Make-up: Hicham Ababsa

Hair: Mode Hair artistic team, Chipping Campden/Photo: Richard Miles/Make-up: Lan Nguyen-Grealis

Hair: Shae Tsiknaris

Photo: Bill Tsiknaris

Make-up: Sarah Smith

Styling: Liz Golding

Creative direction: Eric Maurice

Hair: A.Zachary, E. Belmonte

Photo: Latil Pascal

Make-up: Stéphanie Joffroy

Hair: Éric Zemmour

Photo: Stéphane Gagnard

Make-up: PKelly McClain

Products: L’Oréal Pro,

Babyliss Pro,


Hair: David Corbett

Photo: John Rawson

Make-up: James O'Reilly

and Lan Nguyen-Grealis

Styling: Jared Green

and Marika Page

Photo Getty Images

Io vivo sempre insieme ai miei capelli nel mondo / ma quando perdo il senso e non mi sento niente, / io

chiedo ai miei capelli di darmi la conferma / che esisto / e rappresento qualcosa / per gli altri / di unico vivo,

vero e sincero. / Malgrado questa pietosa impennata di orgoglio, / io tento ogni giorno che vivo / di essere

un uomo e non un cespuglio.

Niccolò Fabi's song “Capelli” (Hair),

which received an award at the

Sanremo Music Festival in 1997,

confirms that even in moments of

self doubt, our hair can be a

determining factor in identifying

who we feel we really are.

La canzone “Capelli” di Niccolò

Fabi, vincitrice del premio Festival di

Sanremo nel 1997, ci ricorda che,

anche nei momenti di insicurezza, i

nostri capelli possono svolgere un

ruolo determinante nel comprendere

chi sentiamo di essere davvero.

Niccolò Fabis Song „Capelli“

(Haare), der 1997 beim Sanremo

Festival ausgezeichnet wurde, zeigt,

dass uns unsere Haare - selbst in

Momenten der Selbstzweifel -

zeigen, wer wir wirklich sind.

Le fameux refrain « Capelli » de

Niccolò Fabi, vainqueur du Festival

de San Remo en 1997, nous

rappelle que même dans des

moments d’insécurité, nos cheveux

peuvent jouer un rôle déterminant

pour comprendre qui nous sommes


La canción “Capelli” de Niccolò

Fabi, ganadora del Premio del

Festival de San Remo en 1997, nos

recuerda que, incluso en momentos

de inseguridad, nuestro cabello

puede jugar un papel decisivo en la

comprensión de quiénes nos

sentimos realmente.

“When I’m

losing my

senses and

feelings, I ask

my hair to

give me the


that I exist.”

Niccolò Fabi, Capelli, 1997

Hair: Serena Hussain

Photo: Ben Fones

Art direction: François Mazeau

for Intercoiffure

Hair: N. Astruc, A. Baz, D. Cognin,

V. Moutault, D. Suquet, P. Thénard

Photo: Yves Kortum

Art direction: Cyril Laforêt

& Fabrice Parra for Kydra

Photo: Anthony Arquier

Hair: Robert Eaton

Photo: Richard Miles

Make-up: Lucy Flower

Styling: Clare Frith

Hair: HCF

Photo: Pawel Wylag, Kamil Cichon

Make-up: Izabela Szelagowska

Styling: Paula Dudziak

Production: MKProduction

Art direction: Delphine Pallaro

Photo: François Fauré

Make-up: Colombe Gardin

In This Page.


Art direction: A. Cruzel

& M. Pacheco

Photo: Pascal Latil

Make-up: Mariana Miteva


Hair: Geoffrey Tentillier

Photo: Pawel Wylag

Make-up: Izabela Szelagowska

Right page.


Hair: Raffel Pagès

Photo: Kike Miranda


Art Direction: Sabrina Nasri

for JLD

Photo: Charlotte Lapalus

Make-up: N. Maillard, C. Carrette

“The tenacity

with which I fight

against my curly

hair is a perfect

metaphor for how

you deny who I am

in order to affirm

what I want to be.”

@ mesmeri, Twitter

“I live unkempt,

because all the

truly beautiful

things in this life

are... unkempt.”


“What I love most

about my hair-up

is the way the curls

that escape fall

lasciviously towards

my collarbones.”

@ IoeAnnie, Twitter

Hair: HCF/Photo: Pawel Wylag, Kamil Cichon

Make-up: Izabela Szelagowska/Production: MKProduction

Hair: Borja Carbonell/Photo: Esteban Roca

Make-up & Styling: Art Team Salones Carlos Valiente

Hair: Barry KieranMake-up: Fiona Flynn/Styling: Brian Begley

Hair: Lorems Ipsums

Photo: Aleglie Brazzoff

Make-up: Pico Pallo e sister

Styling: Alpibel Dladoirasuta

Products: Sumaimei Prof

Hair: Ross Charles/Photo: David Charles

Hair: Jude McEwen

Photo: David Mannah

Make-up: Chereine Waddell

Styling: Belinda Morton

Hair: Robert Eaton

Photo: Richard Miles

Make-up: Lucy Flower

Styling: Clare Frith

Hair: William Gray & Bianca Gray

@ Grays International

Photo: Lee Howell

Make-up: Darci Wardrope

Creative Direction: Toni Pellegrino

Art Direction: Salvo Binetti

Photo: Domen & Van de Velde

Products: Redken, Kérastase,

L'Oréal Professionnel

Art direction: A. Cruzel

& M. Pacheco

Photo: Pascal Latil

Make-up: Mariana Miteva

Products: ELP Hair Production



A new digital way to enhance

international business is

now available!

An editorial and digital

service supporting hair & beauty

product manufacturers in enterprises

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A different

82 retail


You focus on making your clients look good, but do you

need to polish your sales patter for special services and

take-home products? Take some tips from the pros!

Maybe you’re a great hairdresser. You clients love your cuts and their color is always on point. Styling is

supreme. So satisfaction is through the roof and fidelity is running high. Actually, you know that you

could boost your bottom line from 10-25% through retail sales of take-home products. But sales is really

not your thing and you are not really comfortable pushing a pitch for special services or take-home

products. What you might need is a simple change of perspective. Wella Top Artist Michael Haase says

it best: “A client of mine felt completely lost with her image of her hair. She didn’t like the color, the cut,

the style, it was too much work and so on. During our consultation I noticed how engaged she was to be

Wella Professionals

Wella Professionals

Sebastian Professional



able to speak freely with me without feeling sold on anything. That was my AHA! moment. If I take the time to

educate, the client is more engaged.” He explained that what he were doing to help her find the perfect look

will require upkeep by her at home, comparing her investment in her hair would be like purchasing a nice pair

of Jimmy Choo shoes or a Versace or YSL garment. “Would you throw these investments in the wash or would

they be serviced by a professional dry cleaner?” That was her AHA! moment! “I told her to practice. Once

clients understands the price of quality work, they are willing to be guided properly for beautiful healthy hair.”

Trust starts with special in-salon add-services, like Wella Professionals Marula Oil Scalp Primer, to improve

color comfort and results, especially on sensitive scalps. Sebastian Professional Senior Education Manager,

Christina McCarver recommends, “No.Breaker is great for backbar services because it is easy to use, it works

and does not add any extra time to a blow dry. In fact, conditioner isn’t required prior to use so you can actually

save time before the blow dry. It is also great to use in Cellophanes, layered with a mask and the perfect product

after any lightening service! For pricing, I would recommend $25+ for this service, depending on your area.”

The Home Run product (and salon best seller) for Jeni Chandler is Eufora Urgent Repair Shampoo and

“Just be yourself,

put your client first.

The products will

sell themselves.”

Wella Professionals


Treatment! “We have a lot of over processed blondes, really hard water, and teenagers with raging hormones! At Pin-Up

Curls, we always recommend Urgent Repair Shampoo because it is so versatile and can be used in many ways. Added

bonus? It has an amazing naturally aromatic smell that creates a memorable sensory experience at the shampoo bowl,

making it an easy sale for take home use.” IGK Best Life is a potent 100% plant-based and silicone-free hair oil that provides

heat protection and delivers hydration, perfect for prepping at-home blowouts. Biolage Global Ambassador and Celebrity

Hair Stylist Sunnie Brook explains to her clients that “The Biolage All-In-One line is a holy grail of products. With three

products, you get your heat protectant, leave-in conditioner, dry shampoo, scrub and more. You can minimize your shower

routine but still maximize on the benefits.” More products and add-on services, L’Oréal Professionnel Artist Min Kim

Claude Tarantino


L’Oréal Professionnel

Color and conditioning

Wella Professionals Color Fresh Masks, available

in 11 shades, are zero damage semi-permanent

color depositing masks designed to maintain

professional color in between coloring services

at home. Just shampoo and towel-dry hair.

Apply the mask generously, section by section,

and leave on for up to 10 minutes. Rinse well

and go – no need for conditioner! The Natural

Line revives and refreshes blondes to reds for

natural looking enhancements, with a pleasant

fragrance. Instead, the Bold Line gives vibrant

results. Let your color do the talking with these

playful, fragrance free masks.

Wella Professionals

stands by Metal Detox. “My clients love the smell. It’s great that they can take the products home and use it for

the first two weeks after the service to avoid any metal particles building up inside the hair fibers. This also

facilitates recommending more products and add-on services.” For salons in big cities, clients will most likely

appreciate R+Co Bio Dome Hair Purifier + Anti-Pollutant Spray, an elegant mist that refreshes and purifies hair

from pollutants, And Palm Reader Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer is also always useful, especially for those of use

who work out of the home and frequent public places.


Michael Haase again wraps it up beautifully, saying, “It’s a must today, when everyone is looking for the next best deal

when it comes to hair. It’s necessary to communicate that quality of any kind is not related to discount or reduced

pricing. It must be understood: you study, you work hard, and you love what you do. So teach them the difference.

Those of us who understand the luxury of being successful must help these people instead of selling them. Only then

will you be a part of an elite society of professional hairdressers. It’s a beautiful thing and it works for me.”



Sam the Man

in Education

Sam Villa, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Sam

Villa and Global Artistic Ambassador for Redken, nabbed

the 2021 NAHA Educator of the year... here’s why.

He continued to provide quality free live education through the darkest days of the pandemic, and

even doubled down and put together a team of ambassadors to diversify educational offerings. “I think

many stylists had to disconnect in order to reconnect,” says Villa. “We all learned so much, sharing this

new knowledge and providing others with a platform to share is literally what kept me going.” Indeed,

the Sam Villa team embraces interaction and connection, all while focusing on teaching techniques

and skills that are usable behind the chair. “Communication builds wealth. The stylists that become

educators at the chair, will win the game, and we can help them develop those skills.” he adds. Indeed,

the Sam Villa company was one of the first to offer weekly live education for free, including “Mannequin

Mondays,” “Transformation Tuesdays,” “Wellness Wednesdays” and “Instagram Live” on Thursdays on

Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. They also featured guest artists (Vernon Francois, Larisa Love, Ira

Pope Sage, Tippi Shorter...) at their monthly “The Show Must Go On,” and participated in digital trade

events like Salon Centric and ISSE. Read on for more about Sam's commitment to the industry.

“The future of education is a hybrid

model...live digital, virtual and in

person teaching will all coexist. In

person classes will offer virtual tickets

and more multi-brand collaborations

will form, all in the name of education.”

– Sam Villa

86 education

Sam Villa has a reputation for his

very personal philosophy and sharing

many of his simple yet profound

“golden nuggets”. He is convinced that,

“The important thing to remember

is, we must never cease to learn –

an investment in education is an

investment in your future!”

Multi-Branded Collaborations

Just one more example of “Villa-vision” and certainly more to come. When Sam called on

Candy Shaw, owner of Jamison Shaw Hairdressers and creator/founder of Sunlights Balayage,

to help raise money for those in need when the pandemic hit, she said “yes”. In return, Villa

wanted to repay her kindness by teaching a class for her team. His first in-person class since

the pandemic hit. “I want to offer my team superior education, Sam is the top of the top, he’s

the master,” says Shaw. “I’ve been using lots of tips and techniques I learned from him and

love walking around the salon seeing my staff integrating these new ideas at the chair too.

Our motto is, “What good is it on Sunday if you don’t use it on Tuesday!!”



Part of delivering a luxurious experience is making it look

effortless. Thanks to thoughtful salon design, owner of The

Vault by Nicole Strachan, has succeeded in her mission.

Photographer: Christina Saburro Photography

The Vault by Nicole Strachan, is in the heart of Fairfield County (New Canaan, Connecticut), in an upscale community that is used to only the finest of everything.

So, when Nicole set out to design her salon, she had to make sure that her clients would be poised to experience luxury unlike any other as soon as they crossed the

threshold, if not sooner. Indeed, Strachan decided to get rid of the things that interrupt a lavish experience and highlight the things that wow, heal, and pamper.

There is no frantic receptionist answering phones… no mismanaged appointment times. From the get-go, stylists are clear on the skill, time and tools needed to

meet, and even exceed, expectations and guests are always at the center of a meticulously planned, personalized, lux experience.

A theme of illuminate circles, the perfect shape, runs

throughout this salon with an otherwise start minimalist

design. Strachan is also specializes in extensions!

“My inspiration was the old school barber/salon community, where people would come to socialize and connect, mixed

with a chic, vintage, Vegas vibe where everything is taken care of for you,” explains Strachan. Indeed, the reception area is

dominated by a plush sofa and the round shapes of coffee tables illuminated by a chandelier of concentric circles, almost

an invitation to the client to relax and “center”, focusing on her- or himself before indulging. The open floor space evokes

the ambience of a forum for socializing and exchange. Following an in-depth, preliminary consultation, each stylist

interfaces directly with their guest, which cultivates a personalized concierge type of experience. Moreover, a luxury blow

out with a Freestylist Support System is included with all services. It’s a wow design factor, something new and cool, that

looks expensive and fancy, and that no other salon in the area has. “Each service is mapped out prior to the appointment,

each party is 100% clear on all expectations of time, results, products and tools. That’s what allows us to go above and

beyond delivering a luxury experience, while making it look effortless,” adds Strachan.



Who Will Take Gold?

Join us for the Global Creative Awards on October 3 2021

at the Kao Salon Virtual Experience

For stylists from all over the world, the Global Creative Awards offer the chance to show off

their full creativity - without limits. The Global Creative Awards are an opportunity for stylists

to create their own, unique hair look, showcasing their innovative skills and full creative vision.

“We especially believe that the moment has come for us to show the world what true creatives

can really achieve and that nothing can stop their creativity,” said John Moroney, Global

Creative Director.

The Global Creative Awards take place on Sunday, October 3rd at 6 pm (CET). They are part

of the Kao Salon Virtual Experience, which takes place for 48 hours on October 3-4th. Over 30

different artists will share the best in technical and artistic education in colour, cutting and

styling, including a special couture collection by Angelo Seminara.

In 2021, the virtual event is open for everyone! Don’t miss being a part of the creativity and

community of Kao Salon, the home of the Goldwell, KMS, Oribe and Varis brands.



Register now: www.kaosalondivision.com/virtualexperience


New Talent Colorist of the year


Christiana Fuglsang


Tanja Ranacher


Iris Garcia


Chloe Ng


Libuše Bartesová


Lena Kuehn


Krystian Klimczak


Caroline Hjort Larsen


Angus Lai


Teodora Narcisa Miron


Jadviga Muratsjova


Emanuele Toscano


Tiong Shu Teng, Steven


Inka-Maria Sané


Britt Sturing


Mia Crous

New Talent Colorist of the year


Asunción Torres Valero


Samuela Hajdaraj


Harley Liu


Katie Drury


Evgen Bukhtiyarov


Alexx Thompson

Men’s Hairstylist of the year

Men’s Hairstylist of the year


Renat Murzahaleiev


Lydia Wolfe / Jack Meade


Rustam Mirasov


Harri Åkerberg


Izaak Brading



Tanja Ranacher

Avant Garde Stylist of the year


Sean Chiu


Shi-Han Zhou


Marcela Blechová


Svetlana Jouini


Abbie Jackson


Tom Yek Teng Siong

Avant Garde Stylist of the year

Join us for

the Global

Creative Awards

on October

3 2021

at the Kao

Salon Virtual


Editorial Colorist of the year


Svetlana Zaytseva


Carlos Alvarez

Editorial Colorist of the year


Casey Coleman


Emma Jones

Salon Team of the year


Hairstudio Infinity




New Wave Hair


Mainstage Hairdressing


Starlight Salon




Salon Team of the year



This type of business

model is highly

necessary in our postlockdown

era because

guests are expecting:

safety, comfort, added

value and appreciation

for their loyalty.

fter an inspiring class on

new program from L’Oréal

Professionnel called “Salon

Emotion.” Randy Currie was

really excited to explore the

concept much further.

Then, later in 2019,

when the opportunity arose to

open a salon and spa in the iconic

DuPont Building in Wilmington,

Delaware, the same building

that houses the world famous

Hotel DU PONT, he took the

decision to create the ultimate

“Guest Journey”.

He began working closely with all

the staff at L'Oreal PPD USA, as

well as with Antonio Martinez

Rumbo and with architect Guido

Matta, who had worked on

previous Salon Emotion projects

in Milan and Barcelona.

Demolition had just started when

the world started to shut down in

March 2020 for the Covid-19

pandemic. Needless to say, Currie

was concerned about his team of

over 120 people, four current

salons/spas, and each of their

guests. In the meantime, the

company responsible for the

construction, equipment and

every detail to complete the

project was working feverishly to

stick with the schedule, further

hindered by the fact that the

salon equipment and lighting

were coming from Italy. The

project was completed and Currie

Hair, Skin and Nails in the

DuPont Building, opened January

20th, 2021, setting a high

standard in health care policies to

keep guests and the team safe,

including plexiglass dividers and

Totem UV devices that use

infrared and ultraviolet rays to

eliminate bacteria, viruses, fungi,

spores, mold and mites.


Currie sums up the approach

saying, “Salon Emotion is all

about connection: creating a

“With intentional technology and

elevated design, Salon Emotion

changes the way we, and the guest,

view the beauty industry. It

provides the guest with an

unparalleled experience, inspires

the team to elevate their skills/

presentation and enhances the

brand’s reputation and influence.”

Randy Currie, owner of Currie

Hair, Skin, and Nails

meaningful interaction with the

guest from start to finish.” Then

explains, Salon Emotions creates

those ‘pathways’ for guests to feel

appreciated, safe, valued and

special. Their experience at a

Salon Emotions salon/spa is

unlike any they’ve had before,

because it elevated beyond

providing amazing beauty

services to providing a complete

self-care and wellness journey.”

Beyond this personal connection,

Currie Hair, Skin and Nails loves

to incorporate new technology

whenever possible to keep clients

informed. “We want our guests to

always have the best in customer

services, services and products,

so we utilize all forms of social

media and digital marketing, all

locations have televisions showing

custom content continuously for

guests to engage with and view

while in our locations. Guests are

intrigued and delighted by the

content L’Oréal provides and our

ability to create our own custom

advertising specifically designed

to highlight our services and

team. These additives create a

more interactive experience for

the guest and elevate the time

they spend in the salon.”

And in terms of ROI?

Currie boasts, “‘Delaware Today’,

our state’s premier magazine and

website chose us as ‘Editor’s

Choice for Best Spa Experience’

for 2021!”

The Salon Emotion synergy

and attention to detail motivates

the team to be their very best

“Begin with a cup of

herbal tea alongside

the living wall, then

relax into one of

several spa treatments,

including a deep-tissue

massage, hydrating

facial and infrared

sauna—said to soothe

everything from stress

to tired skin. Even a

color and cut gets a

boost when you add

on an aromatherapy

steam – 15 minutes of

pure bliss as essential

oils repair your scalp

and your mood.”

Review by “Delaware






We’re looking for distributors on national territory


For ultra high-magnitude

lift and more, Goldwell’s

newest LightDimensions

products can take

you there.


tylist and educator Rebecca

Heile does not shy away

from bright blondes and

bold colors, so she must be

a connoisseur of lift. She’s

loving the newest Oxycur

Platin lightener from Goldwell, which

delivers the line’s most powerful

lifting perfor-mance at lightning

speed. “With Oxycur Platin, I can

lift hair to a very light blonde in a

time-efficient way and without a

second application,” says Heile.

This multi-purpose lightener is

ideal for your brightest looks and,

as always, Goldwell’s signature

BondPro+ technology not only

protects the hair, but actually

enhances the natural hair structure.

“Oxycur Platin has always been a

go-to lightener for lightening

services,” Heile adds. “Now with its

ability to lift nine levels and its

creamier viscosity, I’m using it for

all-over blonding, regrowth applica-

tions, and certainly for balayage and

fast face frame blondes.”

For fast and flexible semi-permanent

toning, Goldwell’s new Soft Color

eliminates unwanted tones and

creates stunning high-intensity

results in just five minutes, in-salon

or at home. The cool results last up

to eight shampoos, and integrated

IntraLipid Technology replenishes

lost lipids for a shiny, super-smooth

look and feel.

Heile loves that Soft Color not only

creates a crystal clear tone, but also

balances hair condition, wliminating

the possibility of over-toned hair

and ensuring that tonality adheres

evenly to the hair.

“Soft Color is also amazing at home

as a maintenance product” says

Heile. “It maintains strength and

beautiful tonality of color with no

unwanted yellow returning in

between salon color appointments.”

On trend

for fall

“Fall doesn’t mean blondes need to go darker, but after summer, blondes need lift

and tone,” says Heile. “The trend this fall is cool blondes that are bright, light and

super healthy. Oxycur Platin is perfect to help adjust blonde regrowth and to paint

in those perfect face frames light enough to create cooler more toned finishes.

It creates the cleanest blonde canvas upon which to build cooler color shades.



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is FUNN!


Come and see the

latest in education, the

hottest trends, and the

opportunity to discover

and try what’s new in

the beauty industry.

merica’s Beauty Show is a

non-profit event focused

on serving licensed

beauty professionals.

It has been owned by


Chicago, a nonprofit

association, for the last 112

years. America’s Beauty Show is

known for education, innovation,

community, shopping, and fun!

It is a treasure within the

professional beauty industry and is

evolving to be relevant for both

attendees and brand partners.

The 2022 America’s Beauty Show

will be held April 9-11 at the

Donald E. Stephens Convention

Center in Rosemont, IL. It is an

in-person, immersive experience

organized to provide a space for

our industry to: Flourish, Unite,

Network, and Navigate. FUNN is

our WHY, and you’re more than

welcome in our FUNN house!

ABS 2022 offers an unprecedented

lineup of education to feed your

is now

open! Now’s the time

to secure you place at:


Come Flourish, Unite,

Network, and Navigate

the beauty industry

we all love!

artistic soul. It’s the place where

cosmetologists, colorists, nail pros

and estheticians can focus on

improving their craft and propelling

their careers. Each year the “who’s

who” and the “who’s new” of the

industry comes together for a 3-day

weekend of hairdressing magic.

It’s where you go to see what’s new,

experience captivating beauty,

be with your team and immerse

yourself into the gold-standard

of beauty with beauty.

The 2022 ABS Global Image

Awards, an incredible international

photo competition that fuels

intense creativity and passion for

hairdressers, colorists, salon teams

and students will be highlighted

at ABS and the winners of this

world-wide photo competition will

be recognized during the show.




your way”

Iconic barbering brand

Andis ® Company enters a

new era with rebranding

focused on empowering


ndis® Company introduces its

new positioning as a lifestyle

brand that empowers

creativity from within.

The organization plans

to use unique visual storytelling to

highlight those at the center of

their business – the creators. Andis

believes creativity makes the world

a better place and takes pride in

developing tools and educational

resources that help everyone create

their way. For Andis, creators can

be internationally-renowned artists

perfecting their next viral hair

design, ranchers getting ready to

show cattle, pet parents touching

up their furry friends between

grooming appointments, or people

cutting hair at home.

“Our new brand identity celebrates

a new generation of creators,” said

Angie Vlasaty Peterson, Andis

Company’s Director of Branding.

“The stories of customers using our

tools to express their creativity has

always been our motivation to

innovate, and we are excited to

showcase their inspiration and

passion with our new look. What

matters most is the artistic journey

our users embark upon with their

Andis tools – creating in the

manner they prefer – an idea

central to our new tagline, “Create

Your Way.” The Andis® Company

brand intends to woo an all-new

generation of creators, young and

old, who know Andis Company

will help them take their ideas to

the next level and their dreams to

new heights through tools, education

platforms, or the Andis Foundation.

Moreover, for the upcoming

100-year anniversary Andis®

Company will be bringing to

market unique tools to celebrate.

Not throwback retro editions, but

a celebration of the future to

showcase an ongoing commitment

to innovation!

Andis is committed to

empowering their customers

to bring their unique vision to

life with tools that enable artists

and creators to fully realize

their creativity, which will look

different for every person.




Scents of Place

Luxurious, distinctive

and beautifully

crafted, fragrances

like Côte d’Azur,

Desertland, and Valley

of Flowers could only

come from Oribe.


ragrance has always been

an essential part of the

Oribe heritage. When

the hair care brand

launched in 2008, it was

one of the first to feature

its own fine fragrance,

Côte d’Azur, that ran throughout

the entire line of products.

This seductive and effervescently

fresh scent — a mixture of citrusy

Calabrian bergamot, white

butterfly jasmine (la mariposa

blanca, the Cuban national flower,

a nod to co-founder Oribe

Canales’ heritage) and sandalwood

Together, Côte d’Azur,

Desertland and Valley

of Flowers are a trio of

gender-neutral scents

for the ultimate modern

fragrance wardrobe.

— was created to evoke the heat

and glamour of the French

Riviera. This Oribe signature scent

was so popular that it launched as

its own eau de parfum in 2014.

Now, the brand is evolving, adding

two new fragrances and a new

packaging design.

Desertland and Valley of Flowers

were, like Côte d’Azur, crafted to

evoke a sense of place that

transports the wearer to the

dreamlike destinations that gave

rise to each. Inspired by a trip to

Marfa, Texas, taken by Oribe’s

President and Co-founder Daniel

Kaner, Desertland evokes the

vastness and tranquility of a

blooming desert with notes of

juniper berries, desert wildflowers

and Texas cedarwood, tying back

to Côte d’Azur with warm

sandalwood. Valley of Flowers is a

bold, modern floral, reminiscent

of an endless field of flowers in

bloom. With its heart of freshly

harvested Bulgarian rose,

it includes peony petals, violet and

amber, as well as bright citrus and

sandalwood. The new packaging

speaks to Oribe’s dedication to

craftsmanship. The faceted glass

bottles are handmade by the fabled

French house that launched

Chanel No. 5, and the marbled

resin caps are crafted by a small

French manufacturer that makes

accessories for luxury fashion

houses. Nothing less would do!

Estetica n. 3/2021

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